Formerly known as Norprene, this tubing is highly durable and compatible with a wider range of chemicals than standard rubber tubing. It is resistant to ozone and UV light. Tubing can handle repeated flexing, such as those found in metering (peristaltic) pump applications. It is opaque, so you cannot see what’s inside your line.

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Sold in 10 foot sections.

Comes with GEO OZ618 and OZ818.

For Use With Ozone
Hardness Rating Soft
Hardness Durometer 60A
Clarity Opaque
Material Rubber Blend
ID 1/4
OD 3/8
Wall Thickness 1/16
Flexibility Flexible
Bend Radius 1/2
Temperature Range -70° to 270° F
Maximum Pressure 15 psi @ 72° F
Maximum Vacuum 29 in. of Hg @ 72° F
Compatible Tube Fittings Barbed


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