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Everything has it’s place in a GEO sump! Introducing the NEW “R” Series…..

The new GEO “R” series sumps include everything you could imagine in a small and very organized package.  We spared no expense in fabricating these works of art.  We are proud to be the first to provide a sump with a built in fluidized canister as a standard to our line.

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    Dimensions 36″x15″x15″
    Total water volume 35.06 gallons
    Acrylic USA Cast 1/4″
    Drains 2 x 1″ slip/slip
    Socks 3 x 4″
    Silencers/Coarse prefilter 3
    Skimmer Chamber 17″ x 14 1/2″
    Probe Holder* Holds 4
    Heater Holder** Holds 2
    Dosing Holder Holds 4
    Adjustable Baffle 6″ to 12″
    Return Chamber*** 6″ x 14 1/2″*
    Cord Outlets 4
    Float Tree**** 1
    Fluidized Canister***** 1 – 4″ diameter x 10″
    Return outlet 3/4″ slip/slip
    Right Side Level Indicator Yes 1″-12″
    Left Side GEO logo Yes
  • *Probe holder comes with 3 standard size holes and one larger to hold temperature probes.
  • **Heater holders will hold a heater with maximum diameter of 1″.
  • ***Due to canister in Return Chamber dimensions are 6″x 7 1/2″.
  • ****Float tree comes with 2 holders for standard hexagon nut floats and 1 holder for pressure tube or probe up to .7″ diameter.  Tree is adjustable from 4″-12″ of water depth. Floats and pressure switch sold separetly.
  • *****Canister designed to be run with carbon, GFO or Bio-pellets. 1/2″ ball valve and manifold included. Each canister will hold 7 cups or 1.7 liter.
  • All sumps come with 200 micron socks.
  • All sumps come with 20ppi foam insert for baffle bubble trap.
  • This model comes in black or white.
  • This item has a heavy package shipping charge of $50.

1 review for GEO SU36R

  1. Jarrett Sadler

    Great sump, got mine at a local dealer and have had no issues with it at all. Turned the center chamber into a fluidized k1 media chamber and i’m using the existing media chamber for carbon. The shut off valve is great on the existing chamber, giving me the option to run carbon only when i feel the need to. Even with the k1 media bouncing around the sump is extremely quiet and easy to clean or adjust things. Mine is currently setup on a 110 gallon planted tank and a 120 gallon fish tank. So it is supporting 230 gallons of water without counting the water in the sump. This tank is lightweight in comparison to the diy 55 gallon converted tank i was using so that helps a ton. Great product and I will keep my eye on your site to see what else you guys have coming down the pipes.

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