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The new GEO Automatic Filter Roll sumps (AFR) are feature rich with all the standards of the previous GEO R Series lines. GEO has incorporated the Clarisea Auto Filter Roller, the most advanced manufacturer in AFR to bring you the next generation of aquarium mechanical filtration integrated into the GEO sump. The GEO AFR sump comes in 4 sizes with the 46″ and 36″ using the Clarisea SK-5000 roll and the 30″ and 24″ using the Clarisea SK-3000 roll. Each roll is 50 microns and replacement rolls can be easily found throughout the web. The flow rates for the SK-5000 is 1200 gph and for the SK-3000 is 800 gph. One roll will last on AVERAGE 30 days but may vary due to the water conditions of the individuals aquarium.

GEO’s integration of the Clarisea AFR makes it the easiest roll to change with a clearance of only 21″, which is less than most protein skimmers on the market. The proprietary AFR slide on the top of the sump is easily removable for maintenance and new roll change outs. GEO makes it simple for you to feed the roll material with their proprietary removable pin rollers. There is no threading through the needle to get started. Just lay the material in the basket and slide the pin rollers over the material.

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Dimensions 36″x15″x15″
Total water volume 35.06 gallons
Acrylic USA Cast 1/4″
Drains Up to 3 x 1.5″ slip/slip
Pre filter Clarisea SK-5000 with one roll
Mini bulkheads  2
Skimmer Chamber 8.7″ x 14 1/2″  (frame opening is 8″ x 12″)
Probe Holder* Holds 4
Heater Holder** Holds 2
Dosing Holder Holds 4
Adjustable Baffle 7″ to 10″
Return Chamber*** 6″ x 14 1/2″ *
Cord Outlets 3
Float Tree**** 1
Fluidized Canister***** 1 – 4″ diameter x 10″
Return outlet 1″ slip/slip
Right Side Level Indicator

Left Side GEO logo

Yes 1″-12″



Refugium & LED****** Yes 5 gallon
  • *Probe holder comes with 3 standard size holes and one larger to hold temperature probes.
  • **Heater holders will hold a heater with maximum diameter of 1”,
  • ***Due to canister in Return Chamber dimensions are 6″x 7 1/2″.
  • ****Float tree comes with 2 holders for standard hexagon nut floats and 1 holder for pressure tube or probe up to .7″ diameter.  Tree is adjustable from 4″-12″ of water depth. Floats, Sensors and pressure switch sold separately.
  • *****Canister designed to be run with carbon, GFO or Bio-pellets. 1/2″ ball valve and manifold included. Canister will hold 7 cups or 1.7 liter.
  • ******Refugium is 5 gallons and feeds off built in manifold with independent control of flow.  Comes with 30 watt Reef Brite Plantlyte 3600K & 6500K LEDs.
  • All sumps come with 20ppi foam insert for baffle bubble trap.
  • If purchasing a return pump from GEO we will include the internal plumbing for the pump manifold for FREE!
  • This item has a heavy package shipping charge of $75.

2 reviews for GEO SU36R-PRO-AFR

  1. Cody Comensky (verified owner)

    I could not be happier with this sump! From the roller filter to the integrated NYOS skimmer lids to the built in reactor, everything functions and fits perfectly. I would also highly recommend having Geo pre plumb the return pump for a super simple install!

  2. Jay D Crane (verified owner)

    Hello GEO, I’ve got everything up and running. Which was a breeze considering you pretty much had everything installed already. It was a true plug and play. I didn’t expect that. I appreciate all the time you put into the system. It is just amazing. It looks and works better than I had expected. Its a shame to hide it inside the cabinet. I have a Red Sea Reefer 625. The sump that was with the Reefer to this system it is night and day. The ease of doing the daily maintenance I love. It has reduced how much work I was doing substantially. After 3 weeks the algae issues I had are a thing of the past. I’ve also been able to reduce the amount of water changes I’ve been doing to half the amount. Between the extra canister, which has GFO and carbon, the built in canister which contains Bio pellets and the Clarisea filter I know my nutrient levels have dropped dramatically. I really like the ATO and the reservoir. The Neptune ATO kit works perfect. Definitely a huge upgrade from the Reefers ATO. And again just so much easier to work on. I love the refugium. The lighting is strong and has more coverage. It has exceeded my expectations. Just a functional work of art.
    Thanks again,
    Jay Crane

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