Everything has it’s place in a GEO sump! Introducing the NEW “R” Series PRO…..

The new GEO “R” series PRO sumps include everything you could imagine in a small and very organized package.  We spared no expense in fabricating these works of art.  We are proud to be the first to provide a sump with a built in fluidized canister as a standard to our line.

The GEO R Series PRO are differentiated from our other sumps in the series because they come with an integrated refugium with LED and a skimmer chamber which is mid size.  All PRO sumps come with lids over the sock and return chambers.

If you purchase a return pump when ordering any of our sumps we will include the internal plumbing for FREE.  Please refer to picture above.

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    Dimensions 30″x15″x15″
    Total water volume 30 gallons
    Acrylic USA Cast 1/4″
    Drains 2 x 1″ slip/slip
    Socks & Silencers 2x 4″
    Skimmer Chamber 7.75″ x 14 1/2″  (frame opening is 7.75″ x 12″)
    Probe Holder* Holds 4
    Heater Holder** NONE
    Dosing Holder Holds 4
    Adjustable Baffle 7″ to 10″
    Return Chamber*** 6″ x 14 1/2″ *
    Cord Outlets 3
    Float Tree**** 1
    Fluidized Canister***** 1 – 4″ diameter x 10″
    Return outlet 3/4″ slip/slip
    Right Side Level Indicator

    Left Side GEO logo

    Yes 1″-12″



    Refugium & LED****** Yes 5 gallon
  • *Probe holder comes with 3 standard size holes and one larger to hold temperature probes.
  • **Heater holders DO NOT COME WITH THIS MODEL DUE TO SKIMMER CHAMBER SIZE.  You can put 2 X 75watt Jager Trutemp heater vertically in the drain overflow chamber.
  • ***Due to canister in Return Chamber dimensions are 6″x 7 1/2″. Ecotech Marine Vectra M1, S1, Neptune COR-15 &20 and Current eFLUX 6011 will fit and many others.
  • ****Float tree comes with 2 holders for standard hexagon nut floats and 1 holder for pressure tube or probe up to .7″ diameter.  Tree is adjustable from 4″-12″ of water depth. Floats, Sensors and pressure switch sold separately.
  • *****Canister designed to be run with carbon, GFO or Bio-pellets. 1/2″ ball valve and manifold included. Canister will hold 7 cups or 1.7 liter.
  • ******Refugium is 5 gallons and feeds off built in manifold with independent control of flow.  Comes with 30 watt Reef Brite Plantlyte 3600K & 6500K LEDs.
  • All sumps come with 200 micron socks.
  • All sumps come with 20ppi foam insert for baffle bubble trap.
  • This model comes in black, white, white with orange, white with red and white with blue. Please refer to drop down options.
  • Optional Right side OR Left Side drains.
  • This item has a heavy package shipping charge of $75.


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